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Letter King Charles wrote at age 6 sold for $8k

“For the last 30 to 40 years it’s been gathering dust."

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By Sophie Watson via SWNS

An adorable letter written by a six-year-old King Charles to his 'Granny' and found in a loft more than 60 years later has sold for £7,000 ($8,288 USD).

Letter King Charles sent to his grandmother, back. (Hansons via SWNS)

The handwritten letter, on Buckingham Palace notepaper and dated March 15, 1955, reads: “Dear Granny, I am sorry that you are ill. I hope you will be better soon.”

On the back of the letter, a six-year-old Prince Charles wrote: “Lots of love from Charles.” He signed off with colorful doodles and 14 "x" kisses.

The letter was found during a Christmas clear-out by a couple who live near Stratford-upon-Avon, UK, who had no idea the royal letter existed.

The touching note from the future King was in a folder along with other royal letters which had been lying in a cardboard box for more than 40 years.

The couple also stumbled across a rare copy of the Queen’s Christmas speech from 1956 - the year before the annual message was broadcast on TV.

Letter King Charles sent to his granny, front. (Hansons via SWNS)

A printed booklet is entitled, “The Words of Her Majesty The Queen, Christmas Day Nineteen Hundred and Fifty-Six” and is a copy of the broadcast the late monarch delivered from her study in Sandringham.

The collection of letters was expected to fetch up to £3,000 ($3,550 USD) when they were sold at Hansons Auctioneers in London on Tuesday (7/3).

But a bidding war sent the price soaring until they were finally sold for £7,000.

The seller, a 49-year-old farm manager, said: “We finally had the time to look through a big box file that my mother had given to us.

“It originally belonged to my late grandad Roland Stockdale.

“It contained lots of royal memorabilia, including a letter from Prince Charles to his grandmother.

“My wife said ‘wow, look at that!’ We were pretty gobsmacked but we weren’t sure whether anyone would be interested in it.

Postcard sent to Roland in 1983. (Hansons via SWNS)

“My grandad passed away in his 70s in 1983 and the folder was inherited by my dad, who subsequently passed it to my mum over 10 years ago.

“She never had the chance to look through it and gave it to my wife and me.

“Finally, at Christmas, we had a bit of time to look through my grandad’s folder.

“For the last 30 to 40 years it’s been gathering dust inside various lofts."

Documents and photos of Roland at Scotland Yard, 1952. (Hansons via SWNS)”

“The royal memorabilia was a surprise but there is a simple explanation.

“My grandad, originally a farm worker from Carlisle, moved to London to find work and got a job with the Metropolitan Police.

“He went on to work for the Queen’s personal protection force during the 1950s.

“The file includes pictures of him in the Information Room in Scotland Yard in 1952.

“I was told he was originally involved in helping to protect the Queen Mother but he probably worked with several royals over time.”

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