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SEE IT: Mom catches son, 8, using Alexa to cheat on math homework

"I honestly didn't know he was aware he could ask Alexa homework questions."

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By Barney Riley via SWNS

A cheeky schoolboy was caught by his mother using Amazon Alexa to cheat on his math homework.

Allen Ramirez, 8, asked the audio virtual assistant smart speaker subtraction questions.

Mom Iris Molina filmed Allen, a third-grader, in his bedroom doing his homework and whispering questions to Alexa.

Allen is heard asking: "Alexa? What is 97 minus 68?" - to which the device responds in whispers "97 minus 68 is 25."

After getting the answer, he writes it down and then goes on to the next question.

Iris, an administrative worker from Phoenix, Ariz., said: "He doesn't usually ask Alexa for any help when it comes to his homework.

"He usually just asks her what time it is or to play his brown noise for bedtime.

"I honestly didn't know he was aware he could ask Alexa homework questions.

"I was shocked and amused. I couldn't stop laughing and thought my child was very clever."

Despite asking Alexa for help on his math homework, the subject is his favorite in school, and Iris says he does well in class and "loves it very much".

The footage was captured on Feb. 22.

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