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SEE IT: Firefighters rescue dog trapped in icy pool

The pup was unharmed – despite the 10-foot fall into the pond.

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By Jessica Hehir-Smith via SWNS

Firefighters heroically rescued a helpless dog trapped after falling 10 feet into an ice-covered pool.

Animal shelter Pound Buddies received several "frantic" calls on March 7 about a dog trapped in the old water filtration pond.

The dog was discovered balancing on a thin layer of ice covering the surface of the 8-12ft deep pond.

Pound Buddies, based in Michigan, called in the Muskegon Heights Fire Department - which arrived "within minutes" - to rescue the pup.

Video footage shows the moment Lieutenant John Kriger climbs over the wall and gains the dog’s trust with a treat.

He then grabs the dog and carries him up the ladder and over the wall to safety.

The pup was later checked out and found to be completely unharmed - despite the 10ft fall into the pond.

Pound Buddies shared clips of the incident to their Facebook page, describing why they called in "the big dogs" and the moment the animal was rescued.

They said: “The logistics of getting the dog appeared a bit challenging at first, but then the BIG DOG was called in!

“Firefighters from the Muskegon Heights Fire Department arrived and within minutes, made a plan, secured their equipment, and rescued the dog from the dire situation.

“Once again, words don't seem adequate for expressing the gratitude we have for these amazing firefighters and the Muskegon Heights Fire Department!

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

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