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Woman says she’s hotter in her 40s than her 20s after 105 lb weight loss

"I can now buy clothes online. I don't have to shop in the plus size section."

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Jeanette Painting says she's in the "best shape ever" after a 105-pound weight loss. (Jeanette Painting via SWNS)

By Ben Barry via SWNS

A recluse who lost 105 pounds says she's hotter now she's in her 40s than she ever was in her 20s - and is in the "best shape ever."

Jeanette Painting, 44, felt "stuck in a rut" after struggling to lose her baby weight after the birth of her two children, Taion, 12, and Tarlia, nine.

Tipping the scales at 279 pounds and struggling to squeeze into a size 24, Jeanette "gave up on herself" - donning tracksuits to try and conceal her figure.

The last straw came when Jeanette was on holiday with her two children and didn't want to go out - feeling self-conscious about her size.

In June 2021, she decided "enough was enough" and signed up for the 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan - which entails smoothies and shakes.

After ditching oven-ready meals, takeaways, cookies and candy for healthy salads and high-protein meals, the mom-of-two lost 105 pounds in just eight months.

Now a slinky size 12, she weighs a healthier 174 pounds and loves showing off her new slender frame in figure-hugging dresses.

Jeanette says she even feels better than she did in her 20s and is in the "best shape ever."

Jeanette, a full-time mom, from Gloucester, UK, said: "I can now enjoy time with my children and be a mom with them.

"I definitely go on more days out with my children, I will take them on days away whereas before I wouldn't.

"I have learned to live with myself. I am in the best shape now than I can remember, even in my 20s - I am in the best shape I have ever been."

Remarkable weight loss. (Jeanette Painting via SWNS)

"I look better now than when I did in my 20s, I used to hate getting my photo taken but now I am always getting in them.

"I can now buy clothes online. I don't have to shop in the plus size section.

"I am sad I didn't take more photos when I was bigger, when I look back and see my children being young it is sad as I am not in them as I am big.

"If I could change it I would."

Jeanette was on vacation with her children in June 2021 when she realized she needed to do something about her weight.

She hated the way she looked and it left her wanting to stay in and not go out and enjoy the break.

Jeanette said: "I had back issues from gaining weight. That holiday I really struggled.

"Along with my anxiety and depression, the weight made me feel worse. I hated looking in the mirror.

"My back was playing up so much, I never wanted to go out. I didn't want to be doing anything with the children - I was physically exhausted.

"I knew that when I got back I would be going on a diet.

"When I did the Cambridge Weight Plan, I lost weight every week until I achieved the weight I wanted to be."

When she got home, Jeanette reached out to weight loss consultant Jade Foran, to help kickstart her weight loss.

Jeanette said: "I had previously seen Jade posting about the 1:1 Diet.

"I was inspired by the fact that she had lost lots of weight herself and was now helping others do the same.

"It was my opportunity to change my life and I was determined to succeed."

After starting to lose weight, Jeanette said she "instantly felt better" and her back pain improved rapidly.

Jeanette went from a size 24 to a size 12 in eight months by cutting out sugar, carbs and fat and getting a personal trainer - who she still regularly visits.

She said: "Being on plan gave me something to focus on every day. The ease of the diet was exactly what I needed.

"I didn’t need to overthink anything, no shopping or calorie counting, I just needed to enjoy my products – I couldn’t go wrong.’

"Through the diet, I didn’t only regain the old me and improve my health, but I gained the most amazing friendship with Jade.

"There’s not a day that goes by that we don’t speak. We go out socially together and with our children.’’

Jeanette says losing weight has not only just impacted her life but changed her children's lives in the process.

"I had a newfound energy which I use to take my kids on days out and to play with them," she said.

"I was back to socializing with my friends and family and could finally buy clothes from normal shops.

"I have so much motivation to continue improving my health, something I never would have done before losing weight."

Her diet before:

  • Breakfast - Cookie with a coffee
  • Lunch - Meal deal consisting of a sandwich, potato chips and fizzy drinks
  • Dinner - Burger, oven chips and beans
  • Snacks - Pack of cookies, chips and dips
  • Drinks - Fizzy pop and coffee

Her diet after:

  • Breakfast - Porridge
  • Lunch - Turkey with tinned tomatoes and scrambled egg
  • Dinner - Chicken and salad or vegetables
  • Snacks - Protein bar
  • Drinks - Water, flavored sugar-free drinks only

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