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This realtor sells houses on TikTok

She also recently sold a house through Instagram.

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By Sarah Ward and Amy Clarke via SWNS

Meet the realtor who sells houses on TikTok and goes the extra mile for clients by helping them to move in.

Tanya Baker, 29, worked as a realtor for around nine years before she went independent 18 months ago.

She grew up in Eltham, southeast London, and focuses on homes in the area, making videos to show prospective clients, which are intended to feel cozy.

Footage of a stunning five-story townhouse in SE14 reached 1.4 million TikTok views and 267,000 likes - but Tanya also goes the extra mile for clients and has helped with cleaning and moving house.

A home listed at £1.75m ($2.1 million USD) was recently sold through Instagram, after Tanya started up in February 2021 under Keller Williams.

Tanya gained experience at Hampton, and even does the key handover at the property rather than asking clients to come to her, and she gives them a celebratory gift.

Despite the reputation realtors have for being unethical, Tanya said her work doesn't keep her awake at night because she goes out of her way to help people.

She recently sold a house through Instagram and believes social media is making her career path, which is male-dominated, open to younger women.

And she believes being female in a public-facing job is her biggest asset, and she encourages buyers and sellers to meet so they know who they are dealing with.

She also promotes the history of the area by comparing old photographs with the current day – including Greenwich Park or the old fire station in Blackheath Village.

Tanya said: "A woman recently said doing the videos was like being shown around by a friend.

"It looks cozy and homely.

“People spend about two and a half hours a day on social media, but only eight minutes a day on Rightmove."

"I get to see some incredible houses, and only take on two to four clients at a time.

"Often I am people's second choice as they have tried to sell before, but it's a big gamble going with a newbie.

"I want to tell them the story around the house - if a dresser is original and from the 1860s, for example.

"People often don't have questions because I give them so much information."

She said aspects of the job are really tough and there can be heartbreak when things don't go to plan.

Tanya, who lives near Sevenoaks, Kent, with her boyfriend and four dogs, recalls her mom fretting over meeting mortgage payments, but has received abuse online over her job.

However if she knocks on people's doors to talk to them about selling, she feels being female is a huge advantage.

She said: "Our brains cannot tell the difference between online video and people in real life, so it helps people to feel more comfortable with me when they do meet me in real life.

"I get told that I have a really warm feeling about me and people feel like they're being shown around by a friend - which is lovely feedback.

"I'd love to give anyone a home, I wish I had duplicates of these properties and could give more people the opportunity.

"A house is the most expensive thing most people buy in their lives.

"It's the thing you work towards.

"People who have worked all their lives or inherited money want to put it in the right place.

"In the 90s there wasn't so much of a housing shortage, but my mum remembers not being sure of being able to pay the mortgage.

"Estate agents are perceived a bit like used car salesmen.

"I make sure I can do my job and also sleep at night."

Tanya goes over and above to help clients, moving clutter between rooms so a videographer can 'stitch' shots together, and putting cups in the dishwasher.

She has also helped move furniture on the big day and brings new homeowners something to celebrate with.

Tanya said: "People feel like they trust women about homes.

"Women are often really warm and people feel they can trust them more.

"It's a very male-dominated industry, but my dream is to help people.

"I get so many girls messaging to say 'I love what you do' who are in sixth form or secondary school.

"It warms my heart, one message I got nearly brought me to tears.

"A lot of girls want to be influencers but the amount of hate I have had for putting videos up has been intense.

"I've had people take the mick out of the way I say things, and some really nasty comments mostly on things I have no control over like housing shortage, the economy, general pricing.

"When you think about TikTok it's not just home to influencers, it's also home to credible public figures like Dr. Karan Raj who has managed to build a following of over 5m sharing his knowledge as a surgeon.

"You can search for a recipe on there, credible news sources and generally find information, answers and tutorials on almost anything

"TikTok is a unique platform because it's blurring the lines of social media and a search engine so real estate definitely has its place on there.

"Everyone has TikTok, even my mum has it.

"My boyfriend is my rock, he will joke 'Tanya out earns me'.

"He loves seeing me do well.

"When I'm doing well we win together.

"It is just invaluable to have someone who believes in what I am doing."

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