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Police called in to help control crowds at TikTok-famous fry shop

Owner said: “The whole thing has gone crazy."

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By Adam Dutton via SWNS

Police have been drafted in to control the crowds outside a British fish and chip shop after it became a global phenomenon thanks to a viral video.

Customers at the Binley Mega Chippy in Coventry, UK. (Anita Maric via SWNS)

Binley Mega Chippy in Coventry, UK, has attracted thousands of customers after a mystery fan raved about the food on TikTok.

They crafted a hilarious online song on an account called welovebinleymegachippy which was viewed and shared hundreds of thousands of times.

Some diehard food fans even camped on the pavement outside the chippy overnight to ensure they were first in line when it opened.

The chippy - which also sells burgers, kebabs and pineapple fritters - is now so swamped that extra police patrols have been called in to control the crowds.

A West Midlands Police spokesperson said: “With the extra visitors, we and council staff are regularly checking the area, supported by local Neighbourhood Watch schemes who are the eyes and ears of the area.

“Customers should always think of others by driving and parking safely, keeping noise to a minimum and using litter bins.”

Shop owner Kamal Gandhi, 70, has recorded profits rocket by 30 percent, after thousands of fans descended last week.

Binley Mega Chippy owner Kamal Gandhi in the kitchen making curry sauce. (SWNS)

Mr. Gandhi, who has run takeaways for 30 years but took over Binley Mega Chippy seven months ago, said: “The whole thing has gone crazy.

“Everyone who comes here is very excited and we love giving them what they want which is great food.

“I hope this is no flash in the pan and they keep coming back.”

Since the chippy went global, Mr. Gandhi and his 10-strong family who run the takeaway,
have had customers from as far away as Australia and Texas eager to try his grub.

University student Alex Spence, 19, traveled 50 miles from Worcester to grab a fish and
chip lunch.

He said: “I love social media crazes, the same happened a few years ago when an ice cream van went viral.

“I had to see what all the fuss was about and just thought, why not go and get in line.

“As I expected the queue was long by the time I got there but it went down pretty quick and it was worth it.

“The fish was perfectly battered and the chips were crispy and fluffy. Pure heaven. Good luck to them.”

The chippy is now such a tourist attraction, train operator Avanti West Coast, even added it to their route map.

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