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Scientists create robots who work together to cook a burger 

“We thought that robots making burgers would be an interesting topic for the public."



By Izzy Hawksworth via SWNS

Scientists have provided a glimpse into the future by getting robots to work together to create a burger to show how they can be used to do tedious tasks like housework.

Incredible video footage taken by brainboxes at the University of Leeds shows the two robotic dogs pick up the burger, place it in a pan and toss it.

The burger is then taken from the pan by the four-legged machines and placed between the bun.

The robots were controlled by a human being, who used a gamepad to control their movement while wearing a motion capture system to manipulate the robotic arms.

Dr. Chengxu Zhou, a robotics lecturer at the university, said he would "like to see more robots into our daily lives to help us do tasks such as tedious housework."

And he believes we could expect to see more robotic technology in our homes in the future.

He said: “Robots can not only help us do tasks but if you wanted to help your parents, for example, who live far away.

“If their house has the same kind of robot, then you can control that robot to help your parents.

“This kind of future with robots is not fully autonomous.

“Due to the pandemic where we had to work from home, we couldn’t do normal things.

“We could send a robot in the future, and we can map our mind into that robot.

“We thought that robots making burgers would be an interesting topic for the public.

“It is quite a difficult task for a normal robot because even though they are good at operating hard objects, the burger and bun are soft.”

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