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Dad spent weeks building 18-hole mini golf course for his son’s birthday

"The day of the party I started working at about 4 am and finished mid-afternoon."

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By Barney Riley via SWNS

A super dad has built an 18-hole miniature golf course in the backyard - for his son's sixth birthday.

Optometrist Jordan Netzel, 33, built the course for son Theo for the fourth year in a row as the spectacle has now become a family tradition.

He spent weeks preparing for the big day, mowed the grass multiple times to ensure it was the perfect length - and got up at 4 a.m. on the day to get everything in place.

Jordan, from northwest Arkansas, said: "I started cutting the shapes for the holes the week before and mowed them a few times throughout the week leading up to the party.

"The day of the party I started working at about 4 am and finished mid-afternoon."

The video shows many of the 18 holes with kids, and adults alike, participating in the mini tournament and as the sunset glowing balls were used.

Jordan added: "This is the fourth year in a row I have made a real grass miniature golf course on my lawn for my son’s sixth birthday party.

"The last three years have been 18 holes. We use toys, tools, mowers, whatever we have around the property, to make obstacles.

"We have one hole in the shed with black lights - so everything glows.

"My son’s birthday is the inspiration, but we do have a backyard golf course on the 18 acres around my house.

"One of the holes is 350 yards. I maintain two greens in the backyard.

"My dream would be to design and build the coolest actual miniature golf course on the planet someday.

"The family has loved it for all four years but as my son has gotten older he has more friends to invite to the party so I felt really good when a couple of friends of ours told me at the party that they thought it was awesome."

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