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New resort has tents suspended hundreds of feet in the air

The tents are essentially floating hotel rooms, suspended from the side of a mountain.

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Rending of the Floating Retreat resort. (Arqui9 via SWNS)

By Dean Murray via SWNS

Talk about an in-tents experience.

A new resort will boast a line of tents suspended hundreds of feet in the air.

Earmarked for the mountains of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates, up to ten canopies would stretch between rocky peaks.

The so-called Floating Retreat is the brainchild of Dubai-based design studio Ardh Architect.

They have been tasked by the Sharjah Investment and Development Authority "to look into a new typology of hospitality."

Ardh says the tents are essentially floating hotel rooms that are suspended from the side of a mountain and come with room service, entertainment, and WiFi access via headsets and tablets.

Each room also has its own private bathroom, as well as access to a five-star spa facility at the top of the mountain.

The main reception area is located on the ground floor and offers amenities such as a concierge, restaurant, and private guided tours of the mountain.

During the winter months, guests are able to stay in the tents for 24 hours at a time, while during the summer months (May-Sept), the tents are only available for day use, allowing guests to enjoy the views and access the spa while the weather is pleasant.

Guests can adjust the suspension of the tents on their own using the provided controls. The tents are designed with privacy in mind and can be positioned in various configurations to prevent overlap or proximity to other tents.

The side fabric of the tents is made of a blur fabric, while the front of the tent is made of clear material to provide uninterrupted views.

There are several layout options available, including configurations that are suitable for business retreats or yoga sessions, and others that are suitable for spiritual or psychedelic retreats. The layouts can be chosen to suit the specific needs and preferences of the guests.

Ardh explains: "Individual tents/pods of the floating retreat are designed to bring luxury and comfort to those who cannot participate in mountain climbing or other adrenaline-filled outdoor activities."

The firm says the timeline for bringing the tents into reality is pending.

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