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Girl bursts into tears of joy when she’s given a surprise puppy

Mom said: "She’d been asking for a dog for about six years."

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By Jessica Hehir Smith via SWNS

This is the adorable moment a young girl burst into tears of joy after coming home to her new puppy.

Mom Amy Morgan, 37, decided to surprise her daughter Esmae, 9, with a new pet after she returned home from school.

And her delighted reaction was caught on video.

Amy, from Northampton, England, said she knew her daughter would be thrilled.

She said: "She’d been asking for a dog for about six years.

"I recorded her reaction because I knew she’d have no idea - I’m a very open mom and I’ve been very firm in saying no all these years, so it was a complete surprise for her."

Amy said she changed her mind about the puppy to give Esmae some distraction as her baby brother was going into hospital.

She added: "My son, Eli, is 2 and has a condition called Craniosynostosis.

"He’s getting surgery soon and will be in hospital for several weeks, so I wanted to get Esmae a friend to spend time with and distract her from the situation.”

Meeting the sweet Yorkshire Terrier made Esmae bawl, but Amy said her daughter wasn’t the only one moved by the puppy.

She added: "Initially, I just uploaded the video to show my Facebook friends. So many people commented saying how sweet and lovely it was.

"I showed it to a friend who ended up crying too! After that I thought ‘I have to share this on my TikTok’.

"It's got a great reaction, which has made me so happy to see.

"I’m a single mom and I love my children so much, I’d do anything to make them happy."

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