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Girl reunited with lost toy bunny after dry cleaner found it in sheets

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Mr. Nightly, a toy bunny that was lost at a London hotel and found 120-miles from where it was lost. (Photo via SWNS)

By Stephen D'Albiac and Sarah Lumley via SWNS

A teenager from the United States who lost her life-long stuffed animal at a British hotel has been reunited with it after it was found - 120 miles away at a dry cleaner.

The toy bunny, known as Mr. Nightly, has belonged to 15-year-old India Gillam since she was just 2 years old, and is with her every night.

The dry cleaner returned Mr. Nightly with a note. (Photo via SWNS)

The American teen was devastated when the bunny was left behind at a Premier Inn hotel at London Heathrow airport after India visited some family in East Sussex.

But a frantic search for Mr. Nightly has seen India reunited with her lifelong friend — after the toy was discovered 120 miles away at CLEAN laundry on Lufton Trading Estate in Yeovil, Somerset.

The dry cleaning business has a contract with that particular Premier Inn and the toy was discovered wrapped up in the bedsheets.

The laundry wrote to owner India and even showed her a series of photos of the rabbit's day at its offices, in which it attended a board meeting and tried out a sorting platform.

India's grandmother Ming-Sai Gillam said: "My granddaughter had come over from the US for three weeks and brought Mr. Nightly with her.

"When she realized she'd lost Mr. Nightly and had to go back to the US without him she was so upset. I was getting calls nearly every day asking if I'd found him.

"I didn't think in a million years we'd find him, but when we found out he'd been recovered by CLEAN we were so relieved, and my granddaughter was elated.

"We can't thank the team at the laundry enough."

Geoff Milverton, site director at the CLEAN Yeovil laundry: "I’m so pleased to have been able to return Mr. Nightly to his owner, alongside a creative story of his stay with us at Yeovil.

"This is just one of the many examples of the brilliant team here going above and beyond for our customers and their guests."

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