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Watch this real-life Aristocat vibe to jazz music

This jazzy cat has a discerning taste though, and not just any music is good enough.

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By Leo Black via SWNS

Watch as this real-life Aristocat vibes to a piece of jazz music.

The adorable little black cat can be seen bobbing his head to the silky smooth piano tones of Miles Davis like a true connoisseur.

Alejandro Ruiz, 40, a producer, actor, and record label owner, captured this video of his cat, Pachu, enjoying "Miles Ahead."

This jazzy cat has a discerning taste though, and not just any music is good enough.

Alejandro, from Buenos Aires, Brazil, said: “He’s a very nervous and naughty cat. He’s just turned one and the only time he relaxes is when he’s listening to music, but it only works sometimes.

“Pachu likes anything, except the new genres like reggaetón, and weird things like that.

"He likes jazz and opera for sure, but he also likes blues, folk, country, metal and hardcore."

Alejandro, a staunch vegan, animal rights activist and the founder of dog rescue center Por una Vida Mejor (For a Better Life), was given Pachu by a friend, who found him abandoned on the street.

He took the little stray and set him up at Alejandro’s workplace for two months.

Alejandro added: “Every time I went home I felt terrible knowing he was alone.

“It happened once or twice that I arrived to find out that he had been locked in a room all weekend. I got furious with the people I work with.

“Then quarantine arrived so I decided to take him home with me, and here he is.

"I’m hoping to re-home him soon, alongside another cat I’m looking after at the moment."

The footage was filmed on May 7.

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