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Piano Queen Elizabeth’s sister Princess Margaret gave to her lover up for auction

Sir Roderic Llewellyn and the Princess often played duets.



The piano gifted by Princess Margaret, to Sir Roderic Llewellyn that is to be sold at auction. (SWNS)

By Daniel Jae Webb via SWNS

A piano given by the Queen's sister Princess Margaret to her lover Sir Roderic Llewellyn is set to fetch thousands at auction.

Llewellyn was a British baronet, garden designer, journalist, author, and television presenter.

He had an eight-year relationship with Princess Margaret, which was a factor in the dissolution of her marriage to the Earl of Snowdon.

The Princess, a highly accomplished pianist and keen singer, loved playing and performing at parties - often belting out her favorite "Chattanooga Choo Choo."

Roddy - who later tried becoming a professional pop-singer — and the Princess often played duets.

Now a stunning piano that was gifted by Princess Margaret to then-partner Sir Roddy is on sale.

It is set to fetch between £5k - £7k ($6,265- $8,771) when it’s sold at Piano Auctions on June 28.

The Bechstein upright dated 1890 was manufactured for Royal Warrant Holders Mitchell & Briggs, of Briggate, Leeds.

The piano was purchased by famed biographer Lindy Woodhead, whose book on Harry Gordon Selfridge was adapted by ITV as Mr Selfridge, in the early 1980s.

The inside of the piano given by Princess Margaret to her lover Sir Roderic Llewellyn. (SWNS)
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 She said: “There is a wonderfully romantic back story attached to the piano because it was a gift to Roddy (Sir Roderic Llewellyn) from his loving friend, HRH The Princess Margaret during their well-charted relationship following their first meeting in 1973 throughout the rest of the decade.''
Princess Margaret and Roddy parted in the early 1980s, remaining good friends until her death.

He subsequently met and married fashion designer Tania Soskin and the piano went on loan to a mutual friend before being bought by Lindy who strived – but sadly failed – to master the keyboard. 

She is now parting with the piano, and said: “I hope the new owners will enjoy playing with as much gusto as Princess Margaret did.

“It really does deserve to be heard at many more marvellous, fun and fashionable parties – the Princess and Roddy had a lot of fun and he made her very happy at a difficult time in her life." 

More information on the auction can be found here.

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