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Former President Barack Obama gets a surprise serenade from choir on a balcony

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By Barney Riley via SWNS

Former US President Barack Obama was treated to an impromptu serenade by an all-girl choir during his visit to the Danish capital of Copenhagen.

The Ung Klang choir sang a rendition of the tune 'In Denmark I was Born' to the former President's delight, who said: "Wow, that was fantastic!"

The video shows Obama leaving Hotel D'Angleterre in the city center where he is attending the Copenhagen Democracy Summit.

Frederik Kurstein, 23, lives across from the hotel Obama was staying in and managed to capture the moment.

His girlfriend, who is part of the choir, practices there with the other singers and after hearing the commotion outside they ran to the balcony.

Frederik, who works in TV production, said: "My girlfriend lives in the apartment, and I live there too.

"I was just sitting on the balcony and there were lots of police and I knew that President Obama was staying at the hotel.

"I went inside and suddenly we heard a lot of screaming, so I went out again and that's when we saw him."

The choir is made up of nine women in their early twenties, who are all classically-trained singers and describe themselves as an 'artistic community'.

Choir member Ung Klang said on Instagram: "Today our rehearsals started out completely unexpected and amazing!

"We have just started rehearsing for our upcoming projects, after which we hear a little street noise from the balcony.

"Suddenly, former President Obama steps out of D'Angleterre's basement and catches sight of us. He looks up at us in amazement and asks: 'Hello what are you doing?'

"'We're singing', we answer in chorus, to which he replies, 'Oh, let me hear.'

"We start out laughing a little and think he is not really interested until we can see that he is ready to listen.

"Agnes puts on 'I was born in Denmark' and the rest of us join in and end up singing the song for a very impressed Obama.

"He ends by saying 'Wow, that was fantastic' and asks who we are and what we do?

"He wishes us a good day and gets in his car and drives away.

"One has to say that this morning was a little more unusual than our regular practice sessions. We have to admit that it just took an hour before we had fallen to the ground again.

"Great day, great experience."

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