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Overweight dog who struggled to walk sheds third of her weight

Pictures show her transformation, as Queenie is down to a slimmer 22 pounds, moves with ease and even loves a paddle in the sea.



Queenie before & after weightloss. (Kath Robbins/Hope Rescue via SWNS)

By Amy Reast via SWNS

A dog which struggled to walk after ballooning to a porky 15kg (33 lb) has been transformed by shedding a third of its weight - and now loves sea swimming.

Queenie, a nine-year-old Shih Tzu, weighed a whopping 15.4kg (33.95 lb) when she came into an animal charity's care a year ago.

She was so chunky that she could barely walk from one end of the garden to the other - and urgently needed to shed the pounds.

Queenie before weightloss. (Kath Robbins/Hope Rescue via SWNS).

Luckily, Hope Rescue, based in south Wales, found her a foster carer named Kath Robbins, a volunteer.

Queenie was then put on a strict diet and hydrotherapy exercise regime and, over time, the weight began to drop off.

Now pictures show her transformation, as Queenie is down to a slimmer 10.4kg (22 lb) and moves with ease - and even loves a paddle in the sea.

Queenie even went on to be adopted by Kath's mom, Terry Robbins, who fell in love with her.

Laura Hallsmith, from Hope Rescue, said: "When Queenie first arrived in our care she could barely move and steps were completely out of the question.

"As Queenie began to lose weight, her personality started to shine through. She loves people and other dogs and she’s quite a poser for pictures.

"She’s a very different dog these days!"

While Queenie had been much loved by her previous owner, they had struggled to care for her and her weight had ballooned.

When she was first brought to Hope Rescue in May 2021, she weighed 15.4kg and was immediately put on a strict diet.

Queenie. (Kath Robbins/Hope Rescue via SWNS)
Queenie. (Kath Robbins/Hope Rescue via SWNS)

She would also have hydrotherapy sessions to get her moving as her muscles couldn't withstand the pressure of walking.

In January this year, Queenie was well into her weight loss journey and found a forever home - in Kath's mom, Terry.

Terry said: "Her dear little face looked so sad attached to that large body."

At her most recent weigh-in, the team at Hope rescue were thrilled to learn Queenie's weight had dropped to 10.4kg - meaning she had lost a third of her body weight.

The little pup is now much healthier and more comfortable and loving her new home.

Terry added: "Now it's wonderful to see with the weight loss her lively, funny personality shining through."

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