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Fare-evading swan snapped doing its thing at train station

"The guard said he had never seen anything like it in his 30 years working there."


(Photo by Claire Sheppard via SWNS)

By Athena Stavrou via SWNS

A fare-evading swan has been pictured giving staff the runaround at a busy railway station.

The"'cheeky" bird was seen ruffling feathers at Salisbury railway station - by evading capture and a tempting cheese sandwich.

Claire Sheppard, a photographer, was returning from a trip to Bristol on Saturday September 24, when she witnessed the bizarre scene.

She said: "Waiting on the platform there was a lone young swan.

"There were two guards not quite sure what to do but they were enticing the swan away from the tracks with bits of a cheese sandwich.

The swan and railway workers. (Photo by Claire Sheppard via SWNS)

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"The guard said he had never seen anything like it in his 30 years working there."

Sheppard uploaded the humorous pictures to Twitter in a tweet that read: "I’d just got off the Bristol to Salisbury train yesterday & saw this poor chap!

"The guards were trying to entice him away from the track with bits of cheese sandwiches.

"Let’s hope the RSPCA came to the rescue."

After the stand-off, the bird was eventually rescued by a local swan sanctuary later that evening.

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