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Married couple earn $24k a month after they started selling saucy videos

“The money is great but one of the best perks is spending more time with the kids."

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This couple started selling saucy videos together online after Jenn had a skin cancer scare. (Brad Hanniston via SWNS)

By Katie Pearson via SWNS

A couple who started selling saucy videos together online after a cancer scare now earn up to $24k a month – and say it has made them "better parents."

The pair, who go by their stage names Jenn, 33, and Brad, 36, Hanniston, started an

account after Jenn was diagnosed with melanoma, a type of skin cancer, in May 2020

After surgery to remove the growth Jenn wanted to "embrace life" and signed up to the site to make some extra cash.

Her husband, Brad, who was working as a roofer at the time, was supportive of the idea and was keen to try it with her.

The parents were stunned by the amount of money they made from filming their romps and quit their day jobs to do it full-time.

The couple, who have been happily married for 10 years, said the job allows them to set their own hours and spend more time with their three kids.

Despite their success, the pair insist that it's not easy and say they have worked hard to build their followers.

Jenn, who was previously a drama student, from Essex, UK, said: “I got the cancer diagnosis in was an eye opener.

Married couple Jenn and Brad at their home in Essex, UK. (James Linsell-Clark via SWNS)

"It really makes you re-evaluate your life and what you want to do.

“Why not do something we enjoy doing and make some money?

“We’ve always been a very open couple and keen to explore things together.

“The money is great but one of the best perks is spending more time with the kids.

"We spend more quality time together - it's made us better parents.

"I have done some webcamming in the past, so I was comfortable being naked on camera.

“I heard about a friend doing OnlyFans and I thought: 'Why not?'

“Seemed like a no-brainer money-wise so why not try it?

“You have one life, why not embrace it?"

Brad said: “We’re always on the same wavelength and a very open couple.

“I knew we’d work well as a team, so I was game to try it with her.

“We thought we’d make a few hundred and couldn't believe it went it crept into thousands."

The couple spends around four hours a day filming content for their OnlyFans page and TikTok account.

The saucier content is often filmed when the kids are at school or nursery.

Jenn said: "One of the craziest requests we had was to pee on each other which we did.

"It was a very funny moment - as husband and wife, we can have fun and laugh about it.

"But we draw the line at inviting anyone else in - that's not something we'd want to film and have out there."

During one of their best months, the couple made £21,000 ($24,400 USD) together.

Brad said: “It’s taken a long time and a lot of graft to build followers and get to where we are now.

Both Jenn and Brad quit their day jobs after their saucy videos on OnlyFans took off. (Brad Hanniston via SWNS)

“Nowadays, you can’t just sell some pics of your feet at expect to make thousands.

“You have to give people the full shebang – it has to be worth it for them."

They're not shy about the job and will openly discuss it with anyone who asks.

Their children are aware of what they do for a living, but they try and shield them from it as much as possible.

Jenn, who has a three-year-old with Brad, and two kids aged 13 and 16 from a previous relationship, said: "Friends and family all know what we do for a living - my mom is super supportive.

"But we try our best to keep our children off social media or knowing too much about it.

"There is a lot of stigmas attached to doing a job like this.

"You need a really thick skin - especially as a woman.

"Some messages can be very pushy, so I can imagine it's a lot of pressure for a woman doing it alone.

"I feel very lucky in that sense that we're doing this together."

Brad added: “We’re a great support system for each other – staying strong and setting boundaries.

"Sometimes we film content at night when the kids are in bed, which some people have commented on.

"But I say, don't all parents have sex while their kids are in bed?

"We just have a camera there with us - we're actually a very vanilla couple.

"At the end of the day, we're not hurting anyone.

"We're having fun and enjoying ourselves and it's made a stronger couple."

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