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Adorable moment dog has first ever interaction with friendly whale

"He normally barks, but he didn't this time, he seemed so mesmerized."

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By Leo Black via SWNS

This is the adorable moment a dog had its first ever interaction with a friendly whale - who got right up next to the ship.

The video clip shows Skipper, a one-year-old Australian shepherd, hopping around on the deck with excitement as the gigantic mammal scoots up to the side of the boat.

Skipper's owner Nancy Black, 60, takes the pup on whale-watching trips two to three times times a week but this is the first time he was able to see the animal from up close

Nancy, a marine biologist and Monterey Bay resident, said: "He loves the trips because he's very social, he loves seeing people and the love petting him."

"Friendly whales" are whales that interact with boats, and get close enough to investigate the humans on them or the boats themselves.

"I don't really know why they do it," Nancy said.

"It's not that common, but it does happen.

"I haven't seen them for the past year, it's a once-in-a-lifetime experience for most people."

The dog was likely most excited by the smell of the marine giants, which release huge gusts of fishy-smelling breath as they breach.

"This is the first time we've had friendly whale close enough for him to see and hear," Nancy said.

"I'm not sure what he thought, but it's something he's never seen before.

"Their breath smells like fish, they have a strange smell and I'm sure he liked that.

"He normally barks, but he didn't this time, he seemed so mesmerized.

"I've seen whales all my life, but I'm just as excited as the people are, it amazes me every time."

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