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Watch huge sea tornado narrowly pass by ship

"How often do you see something like that less than a mile away from you?”

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By Amy Reast via SWNS

This incredible footage filmed from a cruise ship shows a huge tornado making its way across the Mediterranean Sea.

Sam Thompson, 29, was cruising from Rome to Palma de Mallorca when he spotted the incredible sight - after a perfectly clear day turned dark and stormy in minutes.

The video, filmed on September 9, shows the tornado, known as a waterspout when found at sea instead of on land.

It can be seen rising up from the middle of the sea in an impressive display, under a mile from the boat where Sam filmed.

(Screenshot viaSam Thompson/SWNS YouTube)

Travel agent Sam, from Manchester, UK said: “It was a beautiful clear day and then all of a sudden we were in this dark cloud.

“I went outside and it was lashing it down with rain and there were these huge waves.

“As soon as the rain stopped, I saw this huge waterspout rise up from nowhere.

“It looked so cool. I knew I had to film it.”

(Screenshot viaSam Thompson/SWNS YouTube)

Sam recalled the boat rocking in the force of the storm and the waterspout lasting for “about three minutes” before vanishing as quickly as it came.

After that, the weather returned to a clear blue sky once more, leaving no trace.

Sam said: “How often do you see something like that less than a mile away from you?”

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