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Bakers craft life-sized Alligator Loki made entirely out of bread


Incredible alligator sculpture crafted entirely out of dough. (One House Bakery via SWNS)

By Harrison Moore via SWNS

Bakers created this impressive alligator sculpture with horns like the Alligator Loki variant from the Marvel and Disney+ show "Loki" — crafted entirely out of bread.

One House Bakery crafted the gator as their entry for a scarecrow contest, where downtown businesses compete to make the best sculpture.

Dough-ki was made of 'dead dough' - a mix without yeast.

The sculpture looks like the Alligator Loki variant from the show "Loki" (GIF via Giphy)

The base of the alligator was chicken wire and then tinfoil which held the dough into position before it was baked.

After moulding and sculpting the dough around the metal base, the alligator was put into into the oven multiple times, each time with an extra layer of dough.

"It took over two months of intricate work to get the alligator ready for the contest, " saidHannahlee Pervan, 36, whose parents own the bakery.

California based One House Bakery has created an incredible alligator sculpture - crafted entirely out of dough. (One House Bakery via SWNS)
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"You have to sculpt the dough first, and once you bake it, the sculpture will change in the oven.

"You then repeat the process over and over again, adding more and more detail each time.

"The trickiest part of the alligator was probably crafting the scales, but we just took our time and didn't rush.

The team from Benicia, California, started the project in August, ahead of the competition showcase on October 25.

"We're finally finished and are feeling confident heading into the contest," said Pervan.

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