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WATCH: Teen’s hilarious impressions of train announcements are right on track

His skills are so impressive he's now in talks with several companies who want him to record their automated telephone voice.

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By Amy Reast via SWNS

A teenager does incredibly accurate impressions of all the British train and London tube announcements - even the Welsh ones.

Tommy Sargent, 18, shocked friends when he first showed them his impressions of the London Underground voiceovers.

The Cardiff journalism student can perfectly replicate all the station announcers for trains and tubes around the UK - which even includes speaking in Welsh for a Transport for Wales announcement.

He's so good he has to convince people he's not the real voiceover guy.

But his skills are so impressive, he's now in talks with several companies who want him to record their automated telephone voice.

Tommy said: "I've been doing these impressions for so long that I can't even remember which I did first.

"My mum always talks about how I would sing 'Washing Machines Live Longer With Calgon!' in naptime at pre-school - maybe I was destined to work as a voice artist?

"I replicate voices that you wouldn’t really pay much attention to normally - until you hear it and think, 'Hang on! I hear that every day!'

"Since people found out about my impressions, I get asked all the time - but it's lovely being able to entertain people by doing something unique."

Tommy, who did acting as a child, said he has been doing impressions of different voices as far back as he can remember.


He boasts an impressive catalog of train announcer impressions - including Southeastern Railway, Scotrail and Northern Railway.

He has even done an impression of a Transport for Wales announcement - where he recites the announcement in both English AND Welsh.

But things really kicked off for him after posting his unique talent on TikTok - where he woke up the next day to more than a million views on his video.

He said: "I posted the train videos originally because I thought some of my friends who know I try voice-overs would find it funny.

"I certainly didn't expect to wake up to such a large following!

"To me, voice-over is just another form of acting so I wanted to branch out a little - it's always good to try new things."

As well as his much-loved train announcer impressions he can also imitate the announcers' other companies such as Jet2 Holidays, Sainsbury's and McDonald's.

Despite his train announcer videos being the most popular by miles, he says his favorite impression is actually Jet2.

Since posting his videos, he says he is constantly recognized by strangers in public - who request he attempts all manner of different impressions.

He said: "It's very funny to me that people now recognize me from my voiceover videos.

"Most often I'm asked in random places, like in the queue to McDonald's at 3 am after a night out in Cardiff.

"I've been asked to do impressions of cartoons like Spongebob Squarepants and Rick and Morty - someone's even told me I do a decent 'Granny Pig' from Peppa Pig."

He says he picks recognizable but normal voices that you wouldn't usually pay attention to - and makes people think 'Hang on! I hear that every day!'.

Tommy is currently trying to perfect his Cardiff accent since he moved to the city for university - and thinks that may lead to some new Welsh impressions.

He juggles his impressions alongside his degree as well as being in the process of writing a book - and is aiming high as he is already in talks with companies who want him to record their automated telephone voice.

Reflecting on his rise to fame thanks to his train announcements, he said: "It's lovely to be able to entertain people by doing something unique.

"I’m always happy to stop and tell you to 'Mind The Gap' if you ask me to!"

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