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Guess Who? This is what a robot thinks celebrity faces look like



Angelina Jolie. ( via SWNS)

By Dean Murray via SWNS

Can you guess who these famous faces are based on what a computer thinks they look like?

Could a flowing blonde mane signify Boris Johnson? Does that red hair mean Prince Harry makes an appearance? Has Meghan Markle been accurately represented?

These celebrity portraits were generated by a clever artificial intelligence (AI) process that uses cutting-edge machine learning models to interpret a likeness.

Brad Pitt. ( via SWNS)
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The eggheads who programmed the system say they wanted to allow users to generate portraits based on short, textual input. The machine learning system interprets submitted prompts into images.

They explain: “We strongly believe in the liberating act of creativity and want to allow anyone to make and share their creations with the world, experiment in a positive environment and express themselves through this novel medium.”

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