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This golden retriever puppy loves to play a very lazy version of tug of war

"Kind of like he's a Swiffer"

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By Brelaun Douglas via SWNS

This golden retriever puppy loves to play a very lazy variation of tug of war.

Ten-week-old Jackson’s version of the game is lying flat on the floor while his owner pulls him around.

“He’s figured out that if he lays down and just holds on with his jaw then mommy and daddy will drag him around on the hardwood floor, kind of like a mop,” said Jackson’s owner Joseph Simon, 33, of San Francisco.

Ever since Joseph and his girlfriend adopted the pup, tug of war has been Jackson’s favorite game and he’ll only play it his way.

“We have a good 30-40 feet of space where he’ll just lay down and let us drag him kind of like he's a Swiffer,” said Joseph, who was a project manager before COVID-19.

“So we’re working on keeping him on his feet.”

But no matter how much Joseph tries to get Jackson to stand up, he insists on falling down.

“I try to drag him over to the rug and he pulls the toy back out to the hardwood floor and plops back down.”

But Joseph is optimistic that Jackson will get the hang of the game eventually.

“We were working on it on the rug this morning and he’s getting better at it, but he’s such a young pup and I guess he likes the feeling on his teeth,” he said.

“He’s learning.

“He’s also growing steadily and destroying all the furniture, as you’d expect as a little puppy.”

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