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Fox caught with stolen cookies

"Obviously, he was a vegetarian that night!"

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By Alex Langridge via SWNS

A cheeky fox has been caught holding a stack of cookies in its mouth while walking through a park.

The fox who stole the cookies. (Tina Shaw via SWNS)

The hungry wild canine was spotted carrying around three or four of the chocolate, sandwich cookies stacked between its jaws.

Amateur wildlife photographer Tina Shaw came across the bushy-tailed critter while out with her husband in Riverside Country Park in Rainham, UK, on Saturday (June 11, 2022.)

The 60-year-old said: "It was amazing really, it was a surprise. We saw the fox coming from a distance and as it came toward us we did not see what was in its mouth.

"He got near and just stood there. It does look fake but it is not. I do not know where he got them from."

The fox was seen at Riverside Country Park in The UK. (Tina Shaw via SWNS)

Tina, who lives near the park, was taking pictures of the rabbits in the fields on Saturday evening when she came across the fox.

She added: "It was just one of those moments, a very rare moment. Obviously, he was a vegetarian that night!

"He then just ran away, he probably thought we would have taken his bourbons (cookies).

"I would like to know where he got it from and what happened next. Someone must have left them or was having a picnic."

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