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6-year-old golf prodigy hopes to follow in the footsteps of his PGA-pro dad

Ryan Salisbury has been swinging a golf club "since he was in a nappy".

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By Ben Turner via SWNS

A six-year-old golfer is ready to compete in a world tournament in the US - despite only playing on a proper course three times.

Ryan Salisbury has been swinging a golf club "since he was in a nappy" and is now set to show his skills on the world stage.

But the young prodigy - nicknamed Ryino - has only played on a proper course three times and is yet to play more than three holes.

Proud dad David Salisbury, a PGA golf professional, said: "Ryino's been swinging a golf club since he was in a nappy.


"He's so confident - it's quite scary really.

"I took him to my local club when he was about five and showed a coach a video of his golf swing - as soon as they saw they wanted him to join the club.

"He can't walk around the course because it's just too far. He's yet to play 18 holes.

"When we play we do the 1st, 5th and 8th holes.

"Now we're trying to get him out on the golf course and see if he can score consistently before the championships."


Ryan is to play in the IMG Junior World Golf Championships this summer in San Diego, California after he came second in a British qualifier in April.

Family friends are fundraising to help finance Ryino's participation in the tournament.

The GoFundMe page can be found here:

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