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Frantic squirrel goes nuts in office

“It just wouldn’t leave!"



By Jessica Hehir-Smith via SWNS

This is the hilarious moment a frantic squirrel went nuts in an office - hiding in plant pots and running from room to room for six hours.

Holly Beccard, 23, was walking through her building early in the morning when she noticed the squirrel frantically running around her front lobby.

The wild squirrel bolted towards the exit, so she assumed the animal had found its own way out and continued on with her work day.

But when she headed to a meeting room with some of her colleagues around 5 hours later, they saw the frenzied squirrel was still stuck in their building.

For an hour they opened all the office doors and tried to maneuver the animal outside but it ran rings around them - hiding in plant pots and darting behind doors.

Eventually, it was time to get back to work so Holly went back to her desk - where she spotted the now-happy squirrel outside the building, hopping towards a nearby forest.

Holly, an accountant from Boise, Idaho, described the comical scenes in her office as her accounting colleagues chased around the hysterical squirrel.

She said: “It just wouldn’t leave!

“The door it came in was stuck open, so we all presumed it would leave through it again.

“We were trying to herd it towards the door but it would just run behind us, into plants, everything!”

Holly uploaded the comical clips to TikTok, where she has received hundreds of comments of people wanting to know what happened to the poor panicked squirrel.

She said: “I wasn’t able to catch it on camera but it did leave on it’s own!

“I recorded a short clip of it jumping away outside so I promise it was okay.

“The speed of the video makes it look like my coworker kicked it but it was just so scared that it ran right up and around him and caused him to slip slightly.

“We were all glad it was safe!”

This incident occurred on June 19, 2022.

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