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Watch this New York Mom’s hilarious reaction to ‘Love Island’

"My mom's jaw was on the ground."

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By Barney Riley via SWNS

A mother has gone viral after she was filmed reacting to British reality show 'Love Island' as she fawned over Italian hunk Davide.

Office assistant Sandy Santana rattles off a chorus of 'oh my gods' while shaking her head in awe at the selection of specimens in the Love Island Villa.

Sandy, reacting to Davide Sanclimenti doing a challenge on the show, is heard calling him her "loveboy," adding she would couple up with him if she were in the Villa.

The video, filmed by her daughter Ariana Santana, then shows Sandy drooling over rugby player contestant Jacques O'Neill.

Sandy, from The Bronx, New York, is impressed, but not as much compared to Davide.

She said: "He's kinda cute, he can be second place!"

Mother from The Bronx in New York who has gone viral after she was filmed reacting to the UK reality show Love Island. (SWNS YouTube)

As she continues watching, Sandy asks questions about the show, then ponders why there isn't a version of the program for people her age.

She said: "Why don't they have any for my age? That's not fair. It's only for you young people.

"How come I'm stuck with all the old bums hanging around?"

Daughter Ariana said: "I showed my mom an episode of this season's Love Island to get her opinion.

"Upon seeing Davide for the first time, my mom's jaw was on the ground.

"She could not believe how attractive he, and some of the contestants, were.

"She continues to express her interest in the show, asked questions about the format and the villa, and shared how envious she is that she didn't have anything like this growing up.

"She's single, so she joked about a desire for a 60+ Villa - that she would gladly enter!"

Ariana once lived in the UK, where she discovered Love Island, and has now introduced it to her mother.

She said: "It immediately became my favorite show. I've seen every season.

"I even got a VPN one year to watch live - addicted much?

"Upon moving back to New York, I introduced my close friends and family to it and they too are now fans.

"My mom thinks the show is hysterical and wants very much to live in the Villa."

Ariana confirmed that mother Sandy is rooting for Davide, and Ekin-Su, to win this year's competition.

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