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This dog has strange habit of kidnapping turtles

This isn't the first time Mya, who is six, had kidnapped a turtle.



By Leo Black via SWNS

Watch the hilarious moment an exasperated owner had to deal with her dog's newfound habit of kidnapping turtles -- and bringing them home.

Rachel Laposka, 19, filmed Mya, holding the turtle in her mouth as she urges her to release it.

Student Rachel says this isn't the first Mya, who is six, had kidnapped a turtle.

Rachel, who is from Sharpsburg, Georgia said: "Mya only recently discovered she can pick up turtles, and she’s only done it twice.

"She’s a Great Pyrenees, which is a breed that used to be used for things like herding and protecting cattle on a farm.

"Chances are she saw the little turtle and decided she wanted to protect it. It’s also likely she saw it and just wanted a friend."

The video instantly captured the hearts of TikTokers, garnering almost 180,000 likes.

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