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One-year-old used as human shield by kidnapping suspect in Florida

"Fortunately, the child was not hurt and was quickly reunited with his mother.”


Video grab of the moment police tasered and arrested Brandon Matthew Douglas Leohner after he used a baby as a human shield in Palm Coast, Florida. (Flagler County Sheriff's Office/BODY CAMS+ /TMX via SWNS)

By Barney Riley via SWNS

This shocking police bodycam footage shows the moment a man used a baby as a human shield to prevent his arrest.

Brandon Matthew Douglas Leohner, 27, is seen holding the infant at his chest while at a drive-thru fast food restaurant.

Leohner allegedly abducted his own baby and drove through the streets in Palm Coast, Florida recklessly with the child on his lap.

Officers from Flagler County Police eventually caught up with Leohner and a stand-off in the parking lot ensued, before he was finally subdued using a K-9 unit and a taser.

Flagler County Police said in a statement: "Here is a case of a domestic situation turning violent, putting a 1-year-old child and innocent drivers in danger.

“Deputies were confronted with a very chaotic situation and a very combative individual that was putting his child at risk by using the child as a shield.

"Our deputies did everything they could to quickly rescue this child safely from a madman and apprehend the suspect.

"Fortunately, the child was not hurt and was quickly reunited with his mother.”

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