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Couple gets wiped out by huge wave while recording vacation video

“We felt surprised, happy and refreshed after!," they said.

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By Jessica Hehir-Smith via SWNS

Watch a couple get hilariously splashed and knocked over by a huge wave while recording a vacation video to send their children.

Ann and Steve McCauley decided to escape their retired life in California for a vacation to Maui, an island in the Hawaiian archipelago.

The couple were in Napoli Shores when they thought it would be nice to record a video for their children and grandchildren.

The clip shows Steve, 60, recording and saying "Welcome to our vacation…" before a huge wave sneaks up and splashes them from behind, knocking them over slightly.

The couple gasps in shock whilst Ann, 53, exclaims: "Oh my god, I didn’t expect that at all! I’m so wet!”

They described that despite the shock, they definitely saw the funny side.

“We felt surprised, happy and refreshed after!," they said.

“We showed the video to our family and they all laughed and thought it was very funny.

This video was filmed on October 10th.

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