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‘Turnip Prize’ finalists for fake art unveiled

The Turnip Prize has been running for 24 years.


Red Tape. (Trevor Prideaux via SWNS)


This year's finalists for the fake art award the Turnip Prize have been unveiled - including a ripped stamp.

The annual contest is a spoof of the Turner Prize and awarded to the person who has created crap art - using the least amount of effort possible.

This year's finalist are “RIP Elizabeth the 2nd” - a torn 2nd class stamp - by Charlie King.

“Cue Jumpers” by Lie Instate is a pool cue with two small jumpers attached.

RIP Elizabeth the 2nd- torn 2nd class stamp. (Trevor Prideaux via SWNS)
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.Gov's “Red Tape” is a reel of red insulation tape and “Ukraine” by Ivor Bolshoi Liebherr is a yellow crane carrying a yew sprig.

The presentation for this year’s Turnip Prize will take place at 6:30 P.M. on Wednesday, December 7 in The New Inn, Wedmore, Somerset, England.

The Turnip Prize has been running for 24 years.

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