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‘Toadzilla’ breaks the record as heaviest of its species

They have no natural predators.

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By Barney Riley via SWNS

A huge cane toad has been dubbed 'Toadzilla' after breaking the record for being the heaviest of its species - weighing a whopping 6 pounds.

Wildlife workers found the animal while on patrol in Conway National Park in Queensland, Australia.

Workers from Queensland's Department of Environment and Science were shocked to see a cane toad of this size.

The team returned to base with Toadzilla and confirmed that it had broken the record for the heaviest cane toad - beating the previous record holder by 50 grams.

Ranger Kylee Gray said: "I reached down and grabbed the cane toad and couldn't believe how big and heavy it was."

The Queensland Department for Environment and Science said: "A cane toad this size will eat anything it can fit into its mouth, and that includes insects, reptiles and small mammals.

"Some cane toads can get to 26cm (10.23 inches) weighing 2.5kg (5.5 pounds) and the introduced species can be poisonous to wildlife as well."

Cane toads were introduced to Australia in 1935 and have become one of the ecosystem's biggest pests as they have no natural predators.

Toadzilla has now been euthanized and will be donated to Queensland Museum.

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