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SEE IT: Sleepy brown bears emerge from 3-month hibernation

"Spring is well and truly here."

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By Matt Waters via SWNS

This is the moment sleepy brown bears emerged from a three-month nap - signaling the official start of spring.

The four European brown bears, Gemini and Albie, 5, and Neo and Nilas, 6, live at Bristol, England's Wild Place Project, in an enclosure they share with a pack of wolves.

They have spent the winter months in a light state of hibernation, called torpor, but are now active again - just in time for spring.

The creatures don't fully hibernate but have been snoozing in their den for three months.

The sleepy bears. (Photo via SWNS)

A video shows Gemini and Albie waking up on Feb. 27.

In recent days, the bears have been climbing up trees, playing in the pond and enjoying a diet of grasses, greens and fresh meat.

Keeper Natalie Kent said: "It's lovely to see the bears moving around again.

"Although they don't actually hibernate, they do spend a lot of time asleep during the cold weather to conserve energy and minimize exposure to winters elements."

"Spring is well and truly here, the bears are eating well and exploring their surroundings.

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