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Child-free advocate puts her success down to not having kids

"There is a distinction between child-less and child free - can't lump us together."

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By Lydia Patrick via SWNS

A child-free advocate puts her success down to not having kids - and wants people to stop telling her "she will change her mind one day."

Celebrating a child-free life.

LeNora Faye, 40 - who was raised as a devout Christian - thought she would get married and have children by the age of 25.

But when she turned 22, LeNora realized if she stuck to her plan she only had three years left to achieve everything she wanted to do.

After her mom passed away and her brother became a young dad, she had a strong gut feeling she would never have kids and decided to rebel against societal expectations.

She stayed single and rejected motherhood and started sharing her experience online - building a child-free advocacy network.

Last week actor Seth Rogan spoke out to share how he owes his successful life and career to being child-free - something LeNora can relate to.

LeNora, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, said: "I knew I didn't want to have kids when I was younger - I had a dedicated stay-at-home mom and my dad supported the family.

"I felt there was something more but I didn't know what.

"I was raised in a very religious environment and womanhood was synonymous with motherhood.

"It was a societal expectation and I never thought about my options.

"We need people of a certain status and in the public eye, like Seth Rogan, who have actually chosen to have no kids and speak out.

"There is a distinction between child-less and child free - can't lump us together.

"It is important to speak up about it."

LeNora grew up as a keen violinist, she became a teacher by the age of 15 and pursued a professional career at 18.

She said: "It gave me a focus. I knew I could support myself.

"I didn't have to marry and have kids."

When she was 22, LeNora had an epiphany.

She said: "My mom passed away and my 19-year-old brother had got his girlfriend pregnant.

"Life was falling apart."

LeNora said amongst her peers it was expected they would have kids and a husband by the age of 25.

She said: "If I wanted to get married and have kids by 25, I would only have three years to accomplish what I want to do in life before my life is over.

"It suddenly dawned upon me I can choose. I don't have to get married and I don't have to have kids."

LeNora stopped her profession as a musician at age 26 and pursued other paths - such as a bakery manager.

She took a year out in 2017 and decided to travel around Canada.

LeNora said: "I started blogging in 2018 about not wanting to have kids.

"Now I've dedicated my whole life to it.

"People don't know it's an option.

"When you say you're happy people don't believe you.

"I like kids but I have no interest in raising humans.

"Growing up I saw how dedicated my mom was to raising me and my brother - I didn't want to do what she did."

LeNora recalls a time she was playing with her nephew and her cousin said "one day it will be your turn."

She said: "It made my blood boil. I was mad for three years.

"It was a catalyst.

"When people say 'woah do you have kids?' you should be respectful when someone answers 'no I don't have them' or 'no I don't want them.

"Don't vocalize - oh you'll change your mind, you're missing out, smile and nod and say good for you."

According to LeNora, she is an introvert and a child-free life allows her to live alone in a big townhouse.

She also spends her time road-tripping across Canada and the states to travel to child-free conventions and spend time in the sun.

She often drives across the country and has spent time in Colorado, San Francisco, Palm Springs and Vancouver.

She adores spending lots of time closer to home in the 'secret hideaways' in the Rocky mountains.

LeNora said: "I found myself money and time to do what I want.

"I like to do things by myself.

"I go on road trips to explore the US.

"I have time and freedom to say 'I love palm trees I'm going to hang out with some palm trees for a while.'"

LeNora says being child-free also awards her the psychological space to do inner work and have good mental health.

She said: "We get called selfish but I've had time to invest in myself and time is the most valuable thing.

"You can do anything you want to do on a whim - travel, develop a business, have a nap. It's up to you."

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