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Awesome timelapse footage of the surface of the Sun

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By Jamie Smith via SWNS

These spectacular timelapse images taken with a powerful telescope show the flames on the surface of the SUN in hypnotic detail.

Deddy Dayag, 39, used two super-powerful telescopes to film the sun’s surface over several hours in order to create mesmerizing videos.

He uses a 152mm achromat refractor telescope, a 200mm Schmidt Cassegrain telescope, and an h-alpha 0.5 angstrom h-alpha filter on a tracking mount, to capture sights impossible to see with the naked eye.

Deddy, from Israel, said: "I capture the Sun because it is the most interesting and fascinating object that is near enough to explore from Earth.

“The Sun, which is a star-like all other stats in the universe, is constantly changing and we as humans living out our lives, don’t even notice it. Most of the time we just think of it as a bright light in the sky.

“A few seconds of watching those videos and your entire view of it, changes.

“When I reviewed the footage for the first time I was blown away! Literally shouted with excitement.

“And now, after almost two years of imaging the sun, I can still say that I get excited every time I aim my telescope up there, because each time you don’t really know what to expect, each time is a surprise.

“I hope people will watch those videos and understand how small we are compared to our stars. Our Sun (named Sol) holds 99.8% of the entire solar system's mass.

“We are a grain of dust.”

The footage was filmed in 2021.

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