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Watch Grinch impersonator’s adorable interaction with kids

"'The Grinch' is one of my kids’ favorite movies as and they loved how funny he was with them."

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By Jamie Smith via SWNS

This amazing Grinch impersonator is caught on camera having an adorable interaction with two young children.

Natalie and Tim Wells, both 35, took their two young children Andy and Wendy to Universal's Islands of Adventure in Orlando, Florida, for a festive break.

They came across a Grinch impersonator in the park's Christmas-themed section, who was channelling the performance of Jim Carrey, from the 2000 Christmas classic - note perfect.

Curious two-year-old Andy asked the Grinch where Max the dog was.

The performer nails his character's mannerisms and improvs a suitably snarky response before proceeding to poke fun at the kids' Disney-inspired names.

Teacher Natalie, from Jacksonville, Florida, said: “This made me laugh so hard because Andy keeps saying 'why?' which is such a funny stage of life at two.

"'The Grinch' is one of my kids’ favorite movies as and they loved how funny he was with them.

“Clearly, I’m laughing way too hard. The Grinch is hysterical and this was a major highlight of our vacation.

“Hopefully it makes people laugh and smile! The Grinch is hysterical and my kids and us loved meeting him!”

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