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Golfer attempts to play ball and falls into lake

"I went back to the clubhouse drenched...they were howling."

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By Harrison Moore via SWNS

This is the hilarious moment a golfer attempted to play the ball as it lies - and ended up falling in a lake.

Anthony Jordan, 58, was playing the Nottinghamshire Golf and Country Club's Championship Course last week (24/07) when he ended up in the drink.

Funny footage shows the dad-of-two, widely known by his friends as TJ, catching the surface of the water instead of the ball - which sprays up into his face.

This knocks him off balance, and he then falls backwards straight into the lake.

This is the hilarious moment a golfer played a shot with a watery lie - and ended up falling in the lake. (SWNS YouTube)

Anthony says the ball wasn't actually his - but he just "fancied a challenge" on the course's 13th hole.

Anthony, an electrician from Wetherby, Yorks., said: "The funny thing is, it wasn't even my ball - I just fancied a challenge.

"When I went back to the clubhouse drenched, everyone had heard what had happened and they were howling.

"I didn't mind at all though, I don't tend to take life too seriously so I found it easy to see the funny side!"

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