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Woman with one big boob and one small embraces her looks

"Just own it, own your body - own your boobs!"



By Charlotte Penketh-King via SWNS

A woman with one big boob and the other small said she turned down surgery and embraced her looks - and now has nearly 10,000 subscribers on OnlyFans.

Imogen Grace, 26, noticed during her teens that one of her boobs was growing much faster than the other.

Now she wears a size 38H bra to accommodate the larger boob while the smaller one - estimated to be half the size - sits in the half-full cup on the other side.

She was offered surgery on the NHS when she was 18 to even them out, but refused after deciding to embrace her natural body.

Her unique look gained her lots of fans on TikTok and she joined OnlyFans in March 2020, calling herself The Queen of Odd Baps.

She has received cruel comments on her appearance via TikTok - with people calling her Biggie Smalls or Nemo, but said she laughs it off and feels more confident than ever.

"When I went on TikTok, I established my niche of odd boobs and that's now my niche on OnlyFans," said Imogen, who grew up in Manchester and now lives in Northwich, Cheshire, England.

"I was offered surgery to make them more even when I was 18 but my boobs didn't bother me to the point that I wanted surgery so I've just lived with it.

"I've had partners and they aren't fazed by it, I'm not fazed by it, so I don't see the point in correcting something that doesn't really bother me.

"Everybody has an opinion on my boobs. I do get a lot of nasty comments but I just scroll past them. If it is really bad, I will block them.

"I get 'Biggie Smalls' a lot or 'Nemo' and I laugh at it - I find it funny!

"If I go to my friends' houses, we scroll through the comments and have a laugh at the odd jokes.

"I feel like we are all unique, we all look different, and that's what makes us us.

"Just own it, own your body - own your boobs!"

Imogen got into webcam modeling when she was 19 after her sister told her about a TV program she'd watched about the industry.

She did that until the first lockdown in March 2020 and noticed webcam work was drying up, with models moving to OnlyFans.

Imogen said: "I was only 11 when I went through puberty, and my boobs came in quite early.

"I was in year eight when I started noticing I had bigger boobs than everyone else but one was significantly bigger.

"It got to around year 11 of high school and I told my mum who took me to the doctors and they weren't shocked at all.

"They just said I'd grow into it but to come back at 18 if I hadn't and I could have surgery.

"I went back at 18 after not growing into it and they put me through for reconstructive surgery for my boobs where they could even them out.

"But then I told my mum that I didn't want surgery.

"There was something bothering me in that I felt like I didn't want surgery, I just didn't feel like the size difference was bothering me."

She added: "I don't know what cup size my smaller boob is because when you get measured for a bra, they measure round the whole bust. It's not the case of measuring the boobs individually.

"To make it more comfortable, I did use 'chicken fillets' to fill out the gap by my smaller boob, and I have used socks, but now I don't use anything.

"It's not uncomfortable. Maybe I've just grown to get used to it; it just feels normal to me.

"Since I started TikTok, my OnlyFans just skyrocketed. I went from like 250 subscribers to just under 10,000 after one of my videos got 3.5 million views."

"Everybody has an opinion on my boobs. I do get a lot of nasty comments but I just scroll past them. If it is really bad, I will block them.

"People do think it offends me because I get girls and boys commenting back to them in my defense, but it doesn't affect me in the way that they think. It doesn't hurt my feelings, it's just funny.

"Girls have reached out to me saying they'd had the same boobs as me and it had really bothered them so they went through surgery. I've never experienced that.

"I think it's made me more confident doing OnlyFans!

"I will carry on doing it for a while, I have no plans to stop any time soon. I'll be doing it for a good few years to come.

"I'm only 26, and I know there's people out there doing it at like 40 years old with their own niches, so I don't want to stop any time soon.

"Everybody is different, everybody's body is different. Imagine if we all looked the same? That would just be so boring.

"I feel like we are all unique, we all look different, and that's what makes us us.

"We're not all attracted to the same person either - we'd be like robots, wouldn't we?

"The people that I've been with always love the different sizes - they've said it's the best of both worlds!"

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