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Wedding photographer snaps couples tying knot on the slopes

Gabrielle Stowe, 29, now charges up to $8,000 for snowy shoots after setting up Ski The Day in December 2019.

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By Harrison Moore via SWNS

A wedding photographer is raking in thousands after finding a lucrative niche - taking snaps of happy couples who tie the knot while SKIING.

Gabrielle Stowe, 29, now charges up to $8,000 for snowy shoots after setting up Ski The Day in December 2019.

She realized no one else was snapping newlyweds on the slopes after doing a job in Wyoming.

And, three years on, she says demand is at an all-time high - with requests coming from both within the US and abroad.

"After shooting my first ski wedding I Googled if anyone else had a business that offered the same service," said Gabrielle, from Summit County, Colorado.

"I couldn't find anybody, so I set up Ski The Day, and never looked back!"

Gabrielle studied architecture at Miami University in Ohio and graduated in 2015.

While weighing up her career options she decided to look into photography, which had always been a keen hobby of hers.

Gabrielle then worked as a wedding photographer for a few years before starting her own business.

And, in 2019, a couple asked if she could travel to Jackson Hole, a popular ski resort in Wyoming, and shoot their mountain wedding.

Both the couple and the guests planned to ski down the slopes to the ceremony, and they hired Gabrielle to capture the special moment.

Her background as a downhill ski racer meant she was confident on the slopes, and after doing research, she identified a gap in the market for ski wedding photographers.

That's when she started Ski The Day, her second photography venture specific to couples wanting to get married, or propose to one another, on the mountain.

"I started my own wedding photography business in 2018 which was going well, and then after a year I got this request to shoot a ski wedding," Gabrielle said.

"The couple were ski fanatics and were getting married at Jackson Hole in Wyoming.

"They wanted to do a ski run with friends and family from the top of the mountain to the middle of mountain, and then get married at the bottom.

"The job was pretty easy for me as I used to be part of a downhill ski racing club, so I skied a lot during my childhood.

"After that job, I looked to see if anyone was offering a similar service, and they weren't, so I decided to start a second business specific to ski weddings."

At first, demand for her new business was slow, but as word spread about Gabrielle's unique services, her bookings started to increase.

She was receiving requests from clients in Colorado, her home state, as well as requests from other states popular for skiing.

But, it was August this year when Ski The Day really blew up, after one of her Instagram reels went viral - amassing 90 MILLION views.

Gabrielle began getting requests from couples in Europe and other parts of the world, and her phone has been ringing ever since.

She charges between $1,000 - $2,500 for ski proposal jobs in the US, and outside the US that figure rises to $4,000.

For ski weddings or elopements in the US, she charges $4,500 - $6,500, and up to $8,000 if she has to travel internationally.

When it comes to taking photos, Gabrielle has couples ski past her at a certain point on the slopes.

She'll then follow them to get shots from behind, but says requests for her to ski backwards are just too risky.

"Ski The Day really took off when a video of mine went viral," she said.

"I get requests from people both in the US, and internationally, so that obviously has an impact on my prices.

"I also have boundaries that I set myself so I don't get hurt, as there is always that risk of something going wrong.

"Clients often ask me if I ski backwards, which is a big no no, and if i'm shooting on black runs I have to be very careful.

"Obviously because I'm holding a camera, I'm skiing without poles so I have to adjust my technique.

"Thankfully I'm well qualified to do this from my ski racing days, but I'm still cautious.

"I still do normal wedding jobs too, but at the minute demand for Ski The Day is through the roof, as no one else seems to offer the services I offer.

"It's an amazing way to earn a living and I can't wait to expand the business, and take on more clients in the future."

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