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Woman transforms her afro into Christmas tree

"My afro mens a lot to me."

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By Lydia Patrick via SWNS

A woman has given her afro a festive twist by transforming it into a Christmas tree - complete with tinsel, fairy lights and baubles.

Justice Jackson, 20, loves switching up her hair and has previously styled it to a Whoville style, a Halloween Kirby and a Jamaican flag.

@bigheadjustice Replying to @bigheadjustice Im the christmas tree trunk 😛😜 LMAOOO ikik its not even december but I WAS SO EXCITED TO DO THIS 💀😭 #afrohair #afro #hairstyle #hair #christmas #christmastree ♬ original sound - ci

For Christmas, she created a festive spectacle - tying her afro into two bunches to create a Christmas tree look.

Before, she took a adding twinkly lights and attaching ten little baubles to it.

The look went viral on TikTok receiving 6.3 million views with fans urging her to wear it out in public.

Justice, an influencer, from Woodbridge, Virginia, said: "I decided to be festive and already had a dyed green wig.

"I put it on my head and wrapped fairy lights around it and added some ornaments I brought from Walmart and the dollar tree."

Justice dedicates her page to creating different afro looks and is proud to embrace her natural hair after being bullied for it throughout school.

@bigheadjustice Christmas hairstyle PT.2! Everyone said that the christmas tree afro reminded them of the grinch so i decided to induldge🧏🏽‍♀️🎄This is probably the most fun ive had doing a hairstyle yet😭 cindy lou who ate with this one, i wish people actually wore stuff like this LMAOO #afro #afrohair #christmas #nostalgia #grinch #cindylouwho #hairstyle #hair ♬ original sound - .

She said: "My afro mens a lot to me.

"It's taken me 16 years to love my hair.

"I used to get bullied heavily for it. At school, people would throw paper balls in it, say I was electrocuted and it was untamed.

"Even in the workplace people said I should straighten it.

"I started watching YouTube videos in middle school and taught myself how to do my hair."

Now Justice helps other Black women love their natural hair and offers hair care tips.

She added: "If you want to grow your afro, don't wear it out and put it in twister braids instead.

"Oil your scalp every other day with rosemary or jojoba oil and a carrier oil."

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