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110-year-old cricket pro and former M16 spy attributes longevity to yoga and red wine



By Ben Turner via SWNS

The world's oldest international cricketer has turned 110 - and she puts her long life down to yoga and a glass of red wine.

Eileen Ash, who was born in 1911, celebrated by sitting in her beloved yellow Mini as she marked the incredible milestone with her family and friends.

The right-arm bowler played cricket for England in the 30s and 40s - and later did a stint as a spy with MI6 during and after the Second World War.

Eileen puts her longevity down to a healthy mix of yoga paired with a regular glass of red wine.

Eileen Ash in her mini (St. John's House via SWNS)

She kissed a card from the Queen for her 110th birthday, which she celebrated at St John's House in Norwich, England on Saturday (October 30, 2021).

Fiona Mawby, well-being manager at the home, described Eileen as "cheeky, friendly and happy."

Fiona said: "She's just such a lovely lady - she wakes up with a smile.

"She always put her long life down to her yoga, which she used to do twice a week.

"And she loves a glass of red wine - she always says that's prolonged her life."

Eileen Ash celebrating her 110th birthday (St. John's House via SWNS)

Eileen, who drove her yellow Mini until she turned 105, still takes part in a weekly fitness class at the home.

Her presents included a copy of the original cricket bat that she used to play with engraved with the message 'Eileen Ash: 110 not out.'

She also got to sit in her beloved Mini that was brought to the home by her family.

Fiona said: "She must have got over 100 birthday cards.

"The number of people who rang up to make sure she was having a fantastic day was overwhelming."

Eileen Ash with her card from The Queen (St. John's House via SWNS)

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