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Why this dude sent Michael Bublé a cease and desist for Christmas

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By Brelaun Douglas via SWNS

This man claims his covers of Michael Bublé songs are so much better that he’s sent the singer an official cease and desist.

Bret Raybould, 29, sent Bublé a cease and desist for his “unlawful copying of Bret on Bublé.”

“I am claiming, and I believe correctly, that he is infringing upon my work,” the New York City comedian and upstart jazz impresario said.

Two years ago, Bret released “Bret on Bublé,” an album covering Michael Bublé’s songs.

“It was at the time a cover album of Michael Bublé songs,” Bret said.

“Upon reflection, it’s clear that my versions of the songs were so good that I believe they classify as the definitive versions and all of the previously recorded versions classify as covers, therefore it follows that he owes me a royalty.

“I had no choice but to issue the cease and desist.”

Bret added: “There’s a lot of music precedent for the original losing its status as the original, this is not new.

“‘All Along the Watchtower’ by Jimi Hendrix was originally a Bob Dylan song and Bob Dylan heard it and he said direct quote ‘well it’s his now.’

“Same thing happened with ‘Hurt’ by Nine Inch Nails. Johnny Cash covered it and they were like ‘wow that was what we meant to write.’”

Bret sent the official cease and desist on November 28 from the law offices of “The Scales of Justice and Associates.”

Cover art for Bret on Bublé (SWNS)

“I like to listen to my album once a week or so and it just sort of dawned on me like ‘wow these are so much better than he’s made,’” he said.

“And he’s decent, this is not about throwing shade, it just dawned on me like wow these are so much better that I have no choice but to issue the cease and desist.”

Bret gave them 10 days to respond but has yet to hear back from Bublé or his team.

“Unfortunately, they’re ducking it and they’re putting my hands in a bind where I might have to formally lodge a cease and desist order with the Southern District of New York City,” he said.

Bret has also organized a protest for Friday, December 17 at 11:45 A.M.

“We’re organizing a protest outside of Warner Music offices, that’s his record label. I’m organizing a protest against him and his unlawful use of my songs,” he said.

When asked if he was a Bublé fan, Bret said: “I certainly was a fan. Part of why I created the record, it was meant to be both a tribute and a challenge to Michael Bublé.


“Sort of my way of saying ‘I respect what you’ve built, but I’m coming for your throne.’

“At this point I don’t know how someone can be a fan of someone they’re leagues above.”

Still, Bret said he is open to meeting the famous Christmas crooner.

“I’m sure if he was familiar with my work, he would want to meet me,” he said.

“I would be okay with meeting him, giving him a signed headshot of me and if he’d be up for it maybe doing a duet and letting the people decide who’s the better singer, because I think it’s clear.

“This is an open invitation to him to make an album called ‘Bublé on Bret’ where he can cover my cover.

“I’m pretty proud of the covers that they were and I’m even more proud that they were so good that they became the originals. I take a lot of pride in that.

The full cease and desist can be read at

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