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One lucky person got a $600,000 NFT Valentine’s Day gift


(Uthman Studio via SWNS)

By Brelaun Douglas via SWNS

This Valentine’s Day, one lucky person got a diamond-drenched art piece with an NFT to match, totaling over $600k.

Created by artist Debbie Wingham, 40, known for creating the “world’s most expensive” items, the Drip Bag is an art installation featuring the silhouette of a Hermès Birkin bag.

Created for a wealthy client, the bag is platinum with over 8,000 pointer diamonds and a 36-carat cuff on the handles alone.

The client loved it but asked Debbie to take on an additional challenge and incorporate an NFT element because “that's where the future value is.”

Debbie said: “You could write what I knew about NFTs on the back of a postage stamp but if my clients want it then I have to get my head around it fast."

Drip Bag with NFT. (Uthman Studio via SWNS)

NFTs, non-fungible tokens, are one-of-a-kind digital assets that belong to one person. They have taken the world by storm recently and can include anything from art to music to public Tweets.

Debbie enlisted the help of a blockchain and NFT expert and released her very own Art Meta Studio along with a QR code that directs users there.

She decided to create a handbag charm that would hang on the art piece and display a NFT.

The NFT is a GIF showcasing the Drip Bag as it appears to melt.

Debbie derived the concept after noticing the light reflecting against the bag made it look like it was going from a solid to a liquid.

The NFT is displayed on a digital screen encrusted with 17-carats of diamonds, including 3-carats of baguette diamonds, 8-carats of VVS1 pointers and a centerpiece of a 3-carat heart-shaped emerald.

Drip Bag with NFT carrier close up. (Uthman Studio via SWNS)

The emerald itself is edged in 5-carats of diamonds, along with a 1-carat teardrop-shaped diamond.

In total, the NFT carrier alone is worth a staggering $298,582 (£220,000).

Debbie spent five months working on the Drip Bag and the NFT carrier and combined they total $678,597 (£500,000).

Coined the "Queen of the World’s Most Expensive,” Debbie revealed the “world’s most expensive advent calendar” in December 2021- valued at $10,368,423 (£7.8 million) and the “world’s most expensive picture frame” earlier that year - valued over $2 million (£1.5million).

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