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Watch moment black bear approaches woman alone at bus stop

Unbelievably, the woman remained completely calm, gently leaning away from the bear as it was just inches away from her.

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By Jessica Hehir-Smith via SWNS

Watch the hair-raising moment a huge black bear approached a woman alone at a bus stop.

Natalie Wannamaker, 23, was out running errands in her neighborhood when she spotted the animal getting extremely close.

She captured the nail-biting moment the bear approached a woman sitting at the stop and began sniffing her, before moving on to some trash cans a couple of feet away.

Unbelievably, the woman, Charolette, remained completely calm, gently leaning away from the bear as it was just inches away from her.

After filming the video, Natalie checked that Charolette was okay after her close call and let her know that she had footage of the encounter.

“The area I live in has one of the highest bear populations in Canada and I see bears frequently, so I felt obliged to coach her through the situation," she said.

“We both felt started by the bear surprising us but I told her to chill out - sudden movements can aggravate bears and cause them to charge.

“I aspire to work for National Geographic one day so I had been around bears lots prior to this encounter and I know a lot about how to behave around them.”

Natalie, who is a photographer from Whistler, British Colombia, Canada, said that this incident should signify the importance of not leaving trash - especially food - lying around.

The animal had likely found food in the area before, as bears frequently return to areas that are known food sources.

This video was filmed on July 7th.

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