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Photographer captures beautiful photos of deer at sunset

“I crawled along a tram line for two hours and kept looking for the deer. It sounds mad, I know."

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Stunning pictures show a roe deer peeping through golden sheaves of wheat. (Ben Pulletz via SWNS)

By Jack Evans via SWNS

A teenage photographer spent hours crawling on his hands and knees to capture these beautiful images of a roe deer peering through wheat at sunset.

Ben Pulletz, 19, crept downwind along a dirt track in order to not disturb the majestic creature nestled in the undergrowth near his home in Somerset, England.

“I crawled along a tram line for two hours and kept looking for the deer. It sounds mad, I know," he said.

“Then there it was, this head popped up and it looked straight at me. I managed to photograph it a couple of times.

He captured stunning images of the deer peeping through sheaves of wheat, as well as bounding across the field of crops as the golden sunset.

“Sunset tends to be the best time to get the images," he said.

“I’ve captured them in different lights and all the light you can see – the red and orange – is completely natural.

He added: “I would rather wait hours for the right light, timing, and location than take lots of average shots."

“Patience and persistence are what I go by to capture the images.”

Pulletz spent the summer following the family of deer and getting to know their movements throughout the day so he could eventually get the perfect shot.

“I spent the summer tracking and following the deer, so I think they are used to seeing me and they think ‘I know he’s not a threat," he said.

“It didn’t move at all, it was amazing really."

Pulletz used a hand-held Canon 5D with a 100-400mm lens to capture the images last week.

“I absolutely love the deer...I am completely addicted to taking pictures of them," he said.

“I started taking pictures one-and-half years ago and haven’t put my camera down since."

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