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Watch this fertility doctor call patients to yell the good news, ‘you’re pregnant!’

"The most heart-wrenching response is tears, when we tell them 'you're pregnant!' and they cry."

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By Fiona Jackson and Charlotte Penketh-King via SWNS

This is the emotional moment a fertility doctor called his patients to let them know their treatment worked and they were expecting a baby.

Dr. Lawrence Werlin, 72, likes to let the new mothers he works with know they're expecting with a personal touch at his clinic.

So when patients Ashley Mcclendon, 27, and Jake, 29, had IVF, he called them to let them know the results of their tests.

The video shows the pair finding out not only are they expecting, but she had very high hormone levels - which can indicate more than one baby.

Hairstylist Ashley is currently 18 weeks pregnant, expecting twin girls on February 14, 2022.

Dr. Werlin said: "It is the best and most rewarding part of our day.

The patients aren't the only ones to get emotional.(Coastal Fertility via SWNS)

"The sheer joy in their voices and having the privilege of sharing this moment with them - it is similar to hearing and watching a child open gifts on Christmas Day!

"Patients work so hard, that when they are successful, all of their emotions come to the surface and we have the luxury of sharing that with them."

Ashley, from Irvine, California, said: "I cheated and tested from home because it's a two-week wait at home on bed rest which is crazy.

"I tested early and it came out positive.

"Still, I had to wait for Dr. Werlin to call me to confirm that my bloodwork showed I was pregnant.

"I got the call from Dr. Werlin on June 6 and I was just crying so much. He confirmed I was pregnant and he was really excited by how high my HCG levels were.

"I was just super happy - this is something we've wanted forever. We're very happy.

"Right now, I'm pregnant with two baby girls and it's the first time for everything so I'm just going with the journey!

"I'm so excited! We'll both be first-time parents so we are in for the ride with everything.

"We are super grateful for Dr. Werlin.

"He made this difficult process a breeze and always gave me reassurance to not worry. He is the best!"

Video grab from the moment fertility doctor Dr. Lawrence Werlin and his staff called one of their patients to let them know they're pregnant.(Coastal Fertility via SWNS)

Ashley is a carrier for the genetic mutation Charcot-Marie-Tooth which her dad and brother have.

Males carry more symptoms and can lose the muscle in their leg so don't have balance for walking and it can also affect their hands.

Ashley and her husband Jake, a steel salesman, risked passing it on if they had a natural pregnancy.

Ashley also has very irregular periods, so they chose to use IVF and went to Coastal Fertility in Irvine, California, USA.

In August 2020, they transferred one male embryo that didn't have the mutation but unfortunately, it did not take.

Their second transfer, in May 2021, was successful with two female embryos.

Dr. Werlin added: "Patients exhibit many different reactions when they receive the news.

"They have heard so much negativity that when they receive good news, they are speechless.

"Saying things like; 'I can't believe it!', 'Are you serious?!' or just silence where I have to ask if they're still on the phone.

"The most heart-wrenching response is tears, when we tell them 'you're pregnant!' and they cry.

"By far this is the most emotionally charged response for them and us.

"We are a team - I could not function without the support of our nurses, lab, and front office people.

"We have always announced our IVF pregnancies as a group, over the phone since we started in 1982.

"This is an incredibly physical, emotional, and financially challenging process.

"We want our patients to know that we are here to support and treat them respectfully as individuals."

The video was taken on June 6, 2021.

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